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A leaking roof can be very frustrating and have the potential to cause damage to other parts of the building or assets inside the building. Hence effective waterproofing of your roof is essential to protect your building and assets against the harsh African environment. Effective waterproofing is achieved through using the right product and right tools for the job.

The product that we use is an environmental friendly, liquid rubber paint that has excellent elastic properties to accommodate thermal movement of your roof during season changes. The product is also highly UV-resistant, making it durable and suitable to use under the aggressive African sun. Our waterproofing methods are not only very effective and environmental friendly, it also comes in a variety of colours that will turn your building in to an aesthetically pleasing one. 

Our methods include state of the art airless spray machines that ensures that the waterproofing product to effectively penetrate the porous surfaces on your roof.

We do waterproofing of commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Roof types includes but are not limited to IBR-sheeting, chromadek, corrugated sheeting, tiled roofs and flat (concrete) roofs. In addition to roofs, we also do waterproofing of ponds and lining of channels.

We deliver a broad range of waterproofing services that guarantee measurable results and a positive impact on your building! Our waterproofing services includes a 5-year warranty. 

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